Commercial Building Construction in Milwaukee


We, at KSW Construction, are a group of commercial general contractors committed to delivering quality construction services for every client.

How do we define ‘Quality’ at KSW Construction?

Every commercial general contractor cares about three things: good service, fair pricing, and timely completion. At KSW Construction, we not only meet these industry standards, but take this a step further and say that providing quality commercial construction means that your building project reflects your company’s brand and culture from the inside out. We accomplish this by approaching projects as partnerships with our clients, from the first meeting to the grand opening, and we pride ourselves in knowing that your success is our success.


What sets our conveniently located Verona, WI, construction company apart from the competition in the Madison area? We Care About Your Vision, Which Will Save You Money And Time. There is a common misconception in the construction industry that the only place to save money is in the bidding process, after plans have been developed by an architect. At KSW, commercial construction contractors have demonstrated that the greatest potential for savings begins long before the plans have been created and the bidding process has begun, which is why we typically break our commercial contractor services into a process with three stages:


Stage 1: Design with Your Vision in Mind

From the beginning, KSW brings you, the client, and the architect/engineer together with our commercial construction contractors team to make sure that we are asking you the “value” questions about what you are looking for within the project. Questions like: – What are you looking for in your business space? – What is your budget? – How much space or property are you looking to utilize? – What do you envision the interior to look like? – What are your future goals and expectations for growth of your business? – We often ask the client to submit a “wish list” of most to least important attributes of their project. By talking about what you care about with your project, we will save time and money going in to the bidding process because you’ll know after the design phase what you want and what is possible in the development of your project.

Stage 2: Bidding Process

After the design work is complete, the traditional bidding process to all subcontractors and vendors occurs, resulting in an economical projection of cost, along with fewer change orders during construction, due to KSW’s early involvement in design.

Stage 3: Construction

During the building phase of your project, we will work with you to make sure you are kept in the loop to the project’s process and keep within the time frame and budget developed during the bidding process.

The Result: Projects completed on time and within budget, reflecting the personal style and personality of your business, while meeting the needs of your company and customers.


Commercial construction projects tend to be complex, as a wide variety of vendors, sub-contractors, government officials and design experts all play a role in seeing a project through to fruition. As a result, the contractor you select must be able to deal effectively with everyone involved to guarantee your project is completed on time and on budget. KSW Construction is always looking for ways to improve your experience while ensuring all your building needs are carefully addressed.

The Strategies We Employ to Make Sure You Get the Service You Need and Deserve:

No matter what your business needs are, the KSW Construction team can help. Our industry experience means we know how to deliver projects our clients will make use of for years to come. We know building trends, and we use that expertise to design structures that enhance our clients’ efficiency and still offer comfortable surrounding employees will be comfortable working in.

  • Our expert design, engineering, and construction personnel listen carefully to your needs and devise methodologies to incorporate your needs into every structure we build.
  • Every client deserves service, and our team makes sure your questions are always answered during the construction process. You’ll always have a single point of contact, making it easier for any issues to be addressed in a timely manner. You won’t have to call numerous numbers to find a person to assist you.
  • Building a brand is important. Design concepts we suggest will always reflect your specific corporate needs and consider the type of culture you’ve worked diligently to develop.
  • Finances are always an issue. We know how important it is for your project to come in on budget. Our team always looks for ways to minimize costs without sacrificing quality.

Tools KSW Construction Use to Make Your Construction Process Flow Smoothly:

Today, your project’s success depends on the tools used by our team to keep the project on track. That means your construction investment is protected, and our staff maintains a safe site environment, further reducing any potential risks.

  • Smartphones not only allow us to keep in touch with you at any time, they also make it possible for the construction team to stay in communication with all contractors involved as well as maintain the orderly flow of materials to the site to minimize the potential for any delays. Staying on top of every aspect of the project means your costs are reduced.
  • Laptops and other mobile devices allow complex spreadsheets, design plans, order forms, and even employee data to be shared quickly and easily. That type of efficiency ensures expense tracking is fast and accurate.

Through each phase of the project, we take advantage of every tool available to keep the construction on track. We know it’s far easier for you, our client, to plan when communication lines are always open, expenses are carefully controlled, and every bit of material is accounted for.

The construction industry is changing rapidly as new materials and techniques are developed. At KSW Construction, we stay on top of developments so we can exploit the newest building trends to save you money while still delivering an end product that fully meets your objectives.

Some of these in-house services we provide include:

Pre-Construction Services

  • Site Selection and Development
  • Zoning and Land Use Review
  • Brokerage Services
  • Space Needs Analysis
  • Budget and Cost Analysis
  • Artist Renderings
  • Preliminary Architectural Plans
  • Construction Plans
  • Municiple and/or State Plan Review and Permitting
  • Computer-Aided Architectural Design
  • Structural Design and Specialized Engineering

Construction Process and Services

  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Construction Management
  • General Construction
  • Complete Construction Documents
  • As-built Drawings
  • Owner’s Manuals
  • Written Warranties
  • Financial document support